Sunday, July 16, 2006

Leftovers is done!

I cast on for Leftovers as soon as I saw the pattern, a year and a half ago. I had several barely touched balls of Lite Lopi, and I had been meaning to do something with them, because they came from a project that has a special place in my heart. In the fall of 2003, I made a sweater from that season's issue of Interweave Knits. It was a bohus-inspired pullover designed by Norah Gaughan, and it is the first knitted garment that I ever felt truly proud of. I was a junior in college at the time, and my friends saw me knitting this sweater for the better part of the fall semester. When I put it on for the first time in November, my friend Lida exclaimed "That's the sweater that you made! It looks like a real sweater!" So, here is Leftovers next to the sweater that yeilded the extra yarn.

The good thing about Leftovers is that it uses up your odds and ends. The bad thing about Leftovers is that it used every... last... inch. To the extent that I ran out of green and there was some drama finding more. But that's all in the past! Leftovers is finished!


Blogger Bonnie said...

That's a gorgeous vest! What a great way to us leftover colors.

It's pretty darn hot out here in western Mass., too. Thanks for visiting my blog!

3:28 PM  

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