Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I am so fricken frustrated.

I want to switch to the new blogger, but I can't. I tried, and it locked up my account for seven hours. When it was done, it told me that I could not switch, and pointed me to a totally worthless help article.

I looked around, and I heard that heavily customized templates were having trouble, so I switched to something really plain and tried again. No dice. Unfortunately, I had forgotten to save my latest template, so I lost the edits that I made the other day. (I had switched the background color to a lighter blue, and the text to gray and purple.)

I set up a test blog in the new system with the colors I want. It was so much easier to change the colors. (Do you like them, by the way?) I'm frustrated that I am cut off from my KALs, because they all switched. Gah. Any advice?


Blogger Robin said...

I was trying to commiserate on how sucky Blogger is and it proved my point, eating my post. Sorry you're experiencing issues with it - to sum up my previous post, I hate it and that's why I moved to typepad.

9:32 AM  

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